You will find practical information about oral presentations here.

How to prepare your oral presentation

Oral contributions are limited to the time assigned in the agenda, which includes questions. Authors are requested to submit their contributions directly to the indico agenda page.

Please make sure to provide at least one of the following formats:

  • Acrobat (PDF)
  • Power Point (ppt or pptx)
  • Open Office 3 (odp)

There is no support for other formats.

Please upload your talk at the latest on the evening before the relevant session. The talks are displayed from dedicated conference laptops running Windows 7 with standard fonts. Other laptops are not allowed. If you use non-standard fonts, please use PDF format as it embeds fonts, otherwise we cannot guarantee correct display of your presentation. If in doubt, please check with the organizers before your presentation.

If you cannot upload your talk to Indico, please provide your presentation to the registration desk on a USB stick well in advance of your scheduled presentation.