Social Events

Two social events were foreseen in the evenings during the SVD-PXD Meeting:

  • Monday 6 February, 20:00: Welcome Reception & Concert (TU Vienna, Festsaal)
  • Tuesday 7 February, 20:00: Meeting Dinner (Restaurant Waldviertlerhof)

All registered participants and accompanying persons were invited to join these events. Please have a look at the map for the respective locations.

Welcome Reception (TU Vienna)

The University of Technology Vienna was founded in 1815. Its main building (the meeting venue) was erected in classicistic style in the early 19th century. Almost 200 years later, it still serves the same purpose, but several other buildings were added in the meantime, including the 1986 library building shown on the poster.

We had a reception in the Festsaal (festive hall) and the foyer (coffee break area) next to the meeting rooms with buffet food, local wines and other drinks. Moreover, the HEPHY band - called Charm, Strange n' Beauty - gave a live performance, playing both cover versions as well as their own compositions!

Meeting Dinner (Restaurant Waldviertlerhof)

The meeting dinner was held in a cozy restaurant called Waldviertlerhof. It is close enough to the meeting venue such that in could easily be reached by foot. The place is named after a region about 100km to the north-west of Vienna, which borders the Czech Republic. Typical Austrian dishes are served, which are often a legacy from the times of the Habsburg Monarchy.