The meeting took place at the main building of the Vienna University of Technology.


Vienna University of Technology
Karlsplatz 13
A-1040 Vienna

See the map for the exact location.

In order to get to the SVD-PXD Meeting, enter the building through the main entrance (in the center of the building), go up the stairs to the first floor (2F) and turn slightly left. The registration desk is just between the two meeting rooms, Festsaal and Böcklsaal.

Floor Plan

Click on the image below to get a vector-based (scalable) PDF.

Meeting Rooms

We have reserved two adjacent rooms for our meeting:

  • Festsaal (~80 seats, 1st floor = 2F) for plenary and PXD sessions (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Böcklsaal (~40 seats, 1st floor = 2F) for the SVD sessions (Monday - Tuesday)

Both rooms are located in the central area of the building, separated by an entrance area with the registration desk.

During the breaks, coffee will be served in the foyer next to the staircase.

Internet Access

We will provide personalized WLAN access for all participants. Eduroam is also available. Moreover, there will be a printer at the registration desk for your convenience. If you want to print something (e.g. your boarding pass), please provide the data on a USB stick.